Silver Mongoose - The amazing interior Décor piece.

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Mongoose- a well-known impulsive and adventurous animal is quite popular for taking on venomous snakes. His special skills like courage and bravery are something that surprises everyone. The motto of all the Mongoose family is “Run and find out” and so it holds great significance for humans too. As a result, some of them even look towards it as a lucky charm and prefer to keep it as artifact.
When it comes to the artifact, especially mongoose artifact, it becomes quite difficult to find it in the market. If you too are looking for it, your wait comes to an end right here, at Silver Store! Before discussing anything, first let us have a look at the below picture:pic of casting piece of silver mongoose
With this picture you can see an amazing transformation of a mongoose model into a silver artifact. Isn’t that amazing work? All those little detailing and awesome finishing of the mongoose model is perfectly converted into a silver artifact that will enhance the look of your home along with bringing good luck in your house.
Now let us have a look at below picture:
pic of mongoose
This was the actual picture that client gave to us in order to make an artifact out of it. This was the requirement from the client side to design an artifact from above picture.
Now let us have a look at below picture:
Rough model of mongoose
Our well-professional team studied each and every angle in detail and framed out a rough model of mongoose out of that. An exact mongoose rough model was prepared by our team which included amazing finishing that can be seen in the above picture.Now the next important task was to frame out silver artifact from this model. Taking into consideration each and every fact in mind, a final model was prepared by our team which looked as follows:
Final model of mongoose
You can see the final mongoose model including its eyes, ears, nose, tail, legs, toes and even linings on the back. We didn’t left any stone unturned and designed a perfect mongoose artifact model as the client expected from us. Now, it’s time to introduce final product. Have a look below:Silver Mongoose - Final output as product.
closer look to final product - silver mongoose
This was the final delivered artifact to our client. This amazing interior décor piece is just an amazing piece of art designed by our expertise team of artifact designers.
So, if you believe in artifacts as lucky charm, especially Mongoose and wish to have one, you can definitely visit our official website- and place an order. You can even explore a wide range of customized gift options from our website.

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  • Hi,
    I very much agree with you. It is difficult to find mongoose figurine in market. I wish to buy one. I shall be very thankful if you give me the details it, like price, payment method, number of days you will take to deliver my order

    Sujata Singh on

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