Why You should Eat in Silverwares !

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It’s been an ancient tradition of the royals, especially in India to eat in silverwares. Do you know why? You must be thinking the most obvious reason- to show their royalty!! But that’s not true! The actual reason of eating in silverwares, especially in the cutleries, has a number of benefits just like that of eating in a banana leaf.
Surprised? Really? But that’s true!
Eating in silverware has a number of medicinal benefits for both adults and babies. So first let’s have a quick look at the benefits of eating in silverware and then we will list out the exclusive silverware items that we provide. Here we go!

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Benefits of Silverware:
  • Silver is 100% bacteria free. This makes it more preferable to give food and drinks especially to babies who are quite delicate and sensitive. No need to sterilize the utensils, instead just a usual wash and rinsing in hot water. That’s it!
  • Silverware boosts immunity system due to its antibacterial property. So naturally it is preferred as feeding accessories for babies and adults as well. Moreover, it restricts the growth of cancer cells too. It is advisable that if a cancer patient eats in silverware, this can help them in preventing and ultimately curing the disease.
  • Silverwares are non-toxic in nature. So they are able to kill a wide variety of bacteria and remove other toxic elements.
  • It is observed that a number of water purifiers have silver in its mechanism and this is because of the fact that silver holds a property of retaining and restoring the freshness of water and liquids. In ancient times also, this metal was majorly used to keep water fresh.
  • Lastly, the most important benefit is that silver keeps the body cool. Due to this property, most of the anklets and chains are made out of silver.
So, aren’t you excited to know what we offer you as silverware? Come let’s find out!
What’s there at Silver Store?
You can find exclusive set of silverwares at our SilverStore! Right from pure silver tea cup plate to the silver dinner set and from silver coins and bars to various pooja items, you can find a number of items that can be opted for your daily use and special occasions, too. Besides that, you can explore these silverwares in different designs and even you can avail the customized silver utensils at our store.
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